CondorWilli Beckmann

born 1951 in Winderatt near Flensburg.
Married, one daughter.

From 1971 to 1992 employee by German Air Traffic Control, starting at the Air Traffic Control Shool in Munich, at the old Munich Riem airport.

Thriller Geld ohne Absender
Then Düsseldorf Tower and Radar.
Thereafter with Rhine Control at Frankfurt
in preparation of the setup of Karlsruhe UAC.
Til 1992 Karlsruhe UAC.

Author of “Geld ohne Absender

Jürgen Matthes

born 1952 in Hannover.

School education until mid 1972. From mid 1970 until mid 1971 in Waverly, Nebraska, USA as exchange student.

From end 1973 until mid 2004 work as air traffic controller.
First theoretical education at the ATC-School in Munich, then 2 years practical training as radar-controller at Bremen ACC.

End 1976 transfer to Rhein UAC (upper airspace) in Frankfurt, early 1977 changeover to the new control center Karlsruhe UAC. 1993 change to the newly founded private DFS-GmbH (privatized ATC-organization). Until mid 2004 work as radar-controller at „Rhein Radar“.

Hobbies besides aviation bug (amongst others): Amateur radio (ham), computer (Linux), Caving, Canoeing, Hiking, Music

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