• Abort

    abandon of action, in this case: to cancel the already started takeoff
  • ACC

    Area Control Center
  • ADF

    Automatic direction finder. A device which shows the direction of the transmitting station on a kompass.
  • Aileron

    a movable control surface on the trailing edge of the wing, near the tip, used to roll the plane
  • Air brake

    a surface on the wing, which when deployed, creates drag to decrease the speed of the aircraft. Also called spoiler.
  • Altimeter

    an instrument, indicating the altitude of the aircraft. Normally measured in Feet, in some countries in Meters. It shows the altitude above the preselected air pressure. This can be the air pressure of the ground, or when flying on Flight levels the altitude above an air pressure of 1013 mb is showed.
  • ATC

    Air Traffic Control
  • ATIS

    Automatic Terminal Information Service. Airport and weather information which are recorded on a tape and transmitted on the approach fix frequency. Updated every 20 minutes.
  • belle etage

    administration department of the ATC unit and their members.
  • Briefing

    A meeting to get everybody involved up to date.
  • Check out

    After the training by the coach the check out follows. The check out is done by experienced colleges. If succsessfull the trainee now is able to work this position by himself.
  • Coaches

    Coaches are experienced colleges which care about one trainee. "On the job training". The coach is responsibel for everythig the trainee does.
  • FIS

    Flight Information Service for flights not under radar control.
  • Flameout

    Flameout ist the shut down of an engine in flight.
  • GAT

    General Aviation Terminal. A terminal for mostly privat owned aircraft.
  • ILS

    Instrument landing system. Shows the correct course and height for the landing, using a crosspointer in the landing instrument. Rule: fly into the needle.
  • LDF

    Head of the whole control-unit ( the Boss)
  • Revision

    A change of data. ( here flight data) "Revision" is the keyword for changes on the phone.
  • Runner

    Personal in an ATC Unit for work for which the whole training of of ATC is not nescessary.
  • SAR

    Search and Rescue. A unit with helicopter an aircraft for the rescue of persons invoved in aircraft accidents.
  • Tower

    A tower on an airport from which all departures and approaches are controlled. The apron is controlled by the apron control.
  • Transponder

    Every aircraft flying in controlled airspace needs a transponder. This device answers the radarbeam by sending a four number code.
  • UAC

    Upper Area Control Center controlling upper airspace
  • 10 Percent Flight

    Lufthansa, as our national Carrier, allowed air traffic control personnel price reduced but free choice flights to enhance the cooperation. The ticket was 10 % of the regular price. There was no booking possible. If there was space in the aircraft left, you could fly, we call it standby flights.
  • Ape-rock

    Ape-rock is a gallery at one side of the Control room which is used only by visitors.
  • Corridor

    A construct from the cold war, a confined airspace leading to West-Berlin with a defined width.
  • Emergency Frequency

    Frequencies for emergencies in aviation, which are monitored constantly. ( 121.5 Mhz civ, 243 Mhz mil)
  • upper airspace

    Controlled + uncontrolled airspace in Germany starting usually at FL245 up to unlimited.
  • Outer marker

    Part of the ILS system. The outermarker is a marker beacon transmitting on a special frequency. This beacon turns a light on in the cockpit if flown over. This beacons ( inner marker, middle marker,outer marker) will be replaced by DME ( distances) readings in future.
  • SE-Flight

    Flights of Air traffic control personnel as a member of the crew on regular flights to approve the understanding of workload of the crew. Pilots visit air traffic control units for the same purpose.
  • lower airspace

    Controlled + uncontrolled airspace in Germany starting a couple of thousand feet above ground usually up to flightlevel (FL) 245, i.e. 24500 feet.
  • Supervisor

    The supervisor is the boss of all control personal working. He is part of their shift and changes when the relief is taking over.